The staff of the City Back Office certain Indian Public Sector bank in Pune, was working on a public holiday. As per the guidelines of the bank, breakfast and lunch was to be provided by the bank.

The Branch Manager asked a junior officer to arrange for breakfast and lunch. When asked for money, the Branch Manager directed him to pay from his pocket and apply for reimbursement along with bill. That evening the officer applied for reimbursement. The BM asked for original bill mentioning that he cannot pass the bill until he had the original bill attached to the voucher in front of him.

The officer therefore went to the hotel and asked for the original bill. The hotel owner said that he would charge Rs 100/- extra for the original bill. The officer informed the BM. The BM said he was helpless.

The officer was now worried about his money spent on Breakfast and Lunch. He had a sad look on his face. So his colleagues suggested him to divide the total amount of the bill among the people who enjoyed the meals. They decided to contribute.

Everybody had contributed their share. The officer now went inside the  Branch Manager's cabin and asked for Rs 320/-. The BM naturally asked why should he pay the money. The officer informed him that everybody was contributing money because the bank is not paying for the breakfast and lunch.

The BM got alarmed thinking about the loss of Rs 320/- from his pocket, so he passed the voucher immediately, without the original bill.

The Branch Manager should have provided the money to purchase breakfast and lunch in the first place, but he asked the junior officer to pay from his pocket and submit the voucher of expenses to obtain the reimbursement from the bank later. The BM involved the junior officer and was intending not to pay the expenses, Why?

It has been observed that the Branch Managers try hard not to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner for their staff when it is mandatory and save money. Most of the bank employees think that the BM later produces fake bills and credits the amount to his own account. There is no proof for this action.

This incident takes place very often in the Indian Public Sector banks.

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