A Scale – II Officer finally reported to the City Back Office of one of the top Indian Public Sector Banks in Pune, because the branch had been requesting for months. There were rumors that the new officer had a prior experience of working in their Clearing House. So the staff was overjoyed.

Actually, an old man who was supposed to retire the next year was provided to this branch. He had worked in this branch on MICR platform and had no knowledge of the new CTS platform. He had always been working in the Regional Office, Head Office etc. where customer contact is negligible. When posted to branches he quarreled with the customers. He was on punishment posting to some rural branch, because he had not sanctioned a loan though his higher authorities forced him to do so. He had a pessimistic approach towards things. 

He mentioned in the first few days that he would be applying for Voluntary Rertirement from Service in December 2015 and avail all the leaves remaining with him until the retirement day. He complained about his ill health and incapacity to sit continuously, because his spine was operated and now he suffered from back pain. He hardly worked for a month and then went on leave.

A new Branch Manager had joined this branch. He went to this scale – II officer’s  residence personally and requested (begged) him to join duty as soon as possible. He assured him that he will provide him all the luxuries he needed while working at the branch.

The Officer reported on duty. He logged into the system as a normal junior officer instead of Senior Manager to avoid the burden of high value cheques (Value  Rs 2,00,000/- and above.) He was not troubled for the count of the number of cheques passed by him on a daily basis. (Others have to pass minimum 800 cheques in inward clearing and as many cheques they can pass in outward clearing.) He left for home early because of health problem at the most 6.00 p.m.

The staff got jealous and complained to the Branch Manager. So he requested him to pass a minimum number of high value cheques as everybody does. He accepted his request, however he makes a note of each and every high value cheque passed by him in his register in manuscript. (Others take a screenshot and save it in their hard disk date wise).

If the young officers idolize him the clearing for one day will be finished in one week.

Let us finally have a glimpse at the achievement of the Branch Manager. He made a very senior scale – II officer work for his salary (basic approx. Rs 60,000/- + i.e gross salary will be Rs 1,00,000/- +). He succeeded in making him pass max. 200 cheques in inward clearing on a daily basis.

The caste based discrimination and bank politics makes it possible for the old useless fellows like him to lead a luxurious work life. (There is a huge backlog of vacancies for the reserved class ever since the introduction of reservation in Government jobs.)

In a country of the unemployed like ours, any unemployed highly qualified graduate will do his job for 20% of his salary. But the old employees in the management, who search for their future in such useless people, protect them unnecessarily.

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