As soon as the Branch Manager of one of the City Back Office of one of the top Indian Public sector banks in Pune retired the staff strength of the young junior officers also reduced.

The HR department did not provide his replacement, so the next high ranking officer started handling the work of the Branch Manager. He obtained an allowance for this extra new responsibility. He used this opportunity to settle the score with his subordinate staff. Firstly he stopped asking for a new branch manager to satisfy the HR department. The HR department was happy because of his assistance. He tried to satisfy any extraordinary requests from other Branch Managers to obtain their favor by entering their good books ex: Return a cheque on the date of presentation. 

The staff was completely frustrated, because of the actions of the new branch manager in charge. He used to call the entire staff in his cabin and target a single officer and humiliate him in front of all the others. He used to harass the staff any which way he found suitable. He issued MEMO to staff for small forgettable mistakes. The moral of the staff was very low during his rule. Everyone wanted to get transferred to another branch, in order to get rid of him. Nobody wanted to stay in this branch.

The HR department treats certain branches as punishment branches. They send the most troublesome employees to such branches. This happens in most of the Indian Public sector banks. 

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